ISO / TC118

ISO / TC118

Compressors and pneumatic tools, machines and equipment

URYU works as a member of the ISO working groups to support development of ISO standards.

ISO/TC118/SC3 Working Groups we are participating in

WG3 (Vibrations in hand-held tools)
ISO 20643Principles for evaluation of vibration emission
ISO 28927 seriesTest methods for evaluation of vibration emission -Hand-held portable power tools
WG4 (Tightening of threaded fasteners)
ISO 5393Rotary tools for threaded fasteners-Peformance Test Method
ISO 5391Pneumatic tools and machines-Vocabulary
ISO/TS 21108Dimensions and torelances of interface to power socket
ISO/TS 17104Hydraulic impulse tools-Performance Test Method
WG6 (Hand-held non-electric power tools-Safety Requirements)
ISO 11148 SeriesHand-held non-electric power tools – Safety Requirements
WG7 (Safety Requirements-Fastener Driving Tool)
ISO 11148-13Safety Requirements-Fastener Driving Tool

Recent Participation in ISO meetings

ISO/TC118/SC3 (Pneumatic tools and machines) in London, U.K.
WG3 (Vibrations in hand-held tools) in Bonn, Germany
ISO/TC118/SC3 (Pneumatic tools and machines) in Stockholm, Sweden

Technical Report for Bonn Meeting held in April, 2015

ISO 28927-2:2009/A1 Hand held portable power tools – Test methods for evaluation of vibration emission

Part 2: Wrenches, nutrunners and screwdrivers

We made a comparison test with 1″ large impact wrenches (straight/pistol type) on both the pneumatic brake device and the brake device specified in ISO 28917-2:2009, Annex C.