Newly developed auto-relief (PAT.P) makes the fastening possible with smooth and ideal fastening waveform without being affected by oil degradation. Notches created on the pressure regulator valve body offsets the center of gravity, and the rotational motion of the pulse and the inertial force at blowing activate the auto-relief. The notches on the pressure regulator valve body become bypass for oil, and the bypass is fully opened by centrifugal force due to rotation (revolution) when not pulsing, but the pressure regulator valve body rotates due to inertia when pulsing, and shut off the bypass unit. This new design makes the fastening waveform ideal without torque spike.Features of Newly Developed Auto-Relief (PAT.P)High-quality Fastening Accuracy with Ideal Waveform Center of Pressure Regulator Valve BodyCenter of Gravity 1 Start₂ Before Pulsing₃ During Pulsing₅ After Pulsing₄ Just after PulsingThe center of gravity is offset from the center of the pressure regulator valve by the notch.(Rotation)(Revolution)Cutaway View of Pressure Regulator Valve BodyFastening WaveformSmall and power saving torque and angle sensor are employed for battery-powered tool. Torque measurement employs non-contact gauge type and angle measurement employs ultra-slim encoder. Small, but strong against vibration and noise. Very reliable sensor.Strain GaugeNon-Contact Torque BoardUltra-slim EncoderNewly Developed Small Torque & Angle Sensor7POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGBOLT & NUT SETTERS

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