On 29 December 2009 EU new Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC, came into force. Requirements concerning noise and vibration are made more precise. We, URYU SEISAKU, LTD., measured and declare noise levels and vibration emission values in accordance with EU Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC.Noise is part of everyday life, but loud noise can permanently damage your hearing. Once you lose your hearing, you can never get it back. Generally hearing loss is gradual. By the time you notice it, it is probably too late. Manage the risk to exposure to noise at workplace to prevent hearing loss.Five microphone positions shall be located 1 m from the geometric centre of the tool. Four positions shall be spaced at regular intervals on a plane defined as passing through the geometric centre of the tool and parallel to the reflecting plane; the fifth position shall be located at a distance of 1 m above the geometric centre of the tool. See the figure 1.-Always use hearing protection in accordance with employer’s instructions and as required by occupational health and safety regulations. Look after your hearing protection.-Ensure that the silencer is in place and in good working order when the tool is operating.Noise Levels1) MeasurementNoise Levels are measured in accordance with ISO 15744 for hand-held non-electric power tools and EN62841-1 for electric power tools.2) DeclarationWe declare sound pressure levels (Lp) and sound power level (Lw) in accordance with EU machinery directive, 2006/42/EC. Sound pressure levels are given as numbers when they are 70dB(A) or over. For tools with sound pressure levels lower than 70dB(A), we state < 70dB(A). If the sound pressure level exceeds 80dB(A), we also state the sound power level (Lw) which is 11dB(A) higher than the sound pressure level. To the measured level, 3dB(A) can be added to incorporate variations in production and method. ISO 15744 and EN62841-1 describes how to calculate these figures.We would recommend ‘ISO 9612’ for measurement and assessment of exposure to noise in a working environment, for risk assessment.3) Risk Assessment & Risk ManagementFigure 1 : Microphone PositionsNOISE & VIBRATIONNOISE LEVELS AND VIBRATION VALUESDECLARATION OF NOISE & VIBRATION EMISSION85POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOG

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