Verify tool’s performance with UFT prior to start of daily operation and you will nd out less power on tools that can cause under torque troubles during the operation.• Hard and Soft joint can easily be changed. • Equipped with digital display. • Shift between Torque value and tension value can easily be changed. • Decimal point can also be moved easily.• Applicable for pulse tools, impact wrenches, angle nutrunner, and any other fastening tools. UFT-10UFT-6UFT-16UFT-24UFT SERIES HYDRAULIC TESTERFEATURESTESTERSTESTERS & ACCESSORIESSPECIFICATIONSModelBolt SizeTension Range(kN)Torque Range(Nm)Weight (about)CodeKgIb120V230VUFT-6M5 3.6-6.1 3.2-  5.1-13.9  5.4-14.7UFT-10M6  5.1-13.9  5.4-14.712.026.48403284052M8 10.4-22.2 14.7-31.4M10 17.8-30.6 31.4-53.9ModelBolt SizeTension Range(kN)Torque Range(Nm)Weight (about)CodeKgIb120V230VUFT-16M12 25.5-41.7 53.9- 35.7-60.388.2-149M16 52.8-67.4 149-190UFT-24M18 59.9-92.6 190-29450.0110.08408284072M2083.3-125 294-441M24 104-162 441-686*Never provide UFT with torque greater than maximum torque or tension of each bolt size.The UHT-series simply designed hydraulic torque testers are suitable to be applied to Screwdrivers (Cushion, Positive, Impact Clutch types), Impact Wrenches and similar Impact action fastening tools in monitoring torque output of new and repaired tools in comparison with their master tools. The readout in the dial indicator does not show absolute torque value, but just comparative degree of power of the tool being tested.UHT SERIES HYDRAULIC TORQUE TESTERUHT-35UHT-25UHT-12UHT-50SPECIFICATIONSModelApplicable Tool Typeor Square Drive SizeApplicable Torque RangeWeight (about)CodeNmft-lbsKgIbUHT-12Cushion/Positive Clutch1-80.7- Clutch 3-20 2.2-14.87.516.583812UHT-253/8"(9.5mm)20-5014-3613.028.684012UHT-351/2"(12.7mm) 50-300 36-21519.041.884112UHT-50 3/4"-1"(19.0-25.4mm) 300-2000 215-1450150.0330.08421279POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGTESTERS & ACCESSORIES

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