Usage of Testing AttachmentSoft JointTypically 3 turns to full torque after the bolt head or nut seats on the surface.Hard JointTypically 1/10 turn to full torque after the bolt head or nut seats on the surfaceApply Testing Bolt (for heard joint test) and Nut (without Casing, Spacer and Plate Spring).Apply Plate Springs, Testing Bolt (for soft-joint test) Spacer, Nut, and Casing. The Plate Springs are available in both weak and strong tensions.URYU UET-10CUA/10CUE torque tester is designed to check output torque of US-LT series Torque-Control Screwdriver. Its built-in torque sensor shows the torque reading on LED display. Its built-in torque sensor reads the torque ranging from 0.1 to 10 Nm. LED digital display helps you read the reading in the darkness. Hit the RESET button for zero point adjustment.Supreme accuracy: within ±0.5%.The CAL diagnostic features help you find any error in the built-in amplifier. The portability with a built-in battery helps you check tools on site. The soft-joint attachment comes standard with UET-10CU tester, which allows you to simulate the actual application.The USB/RS232C port for data output is built in the UET-10CU tester.UET SERIESFEATURESDIGITAL TORQUE TESTERSTESTERS & ACCESSORIESNever use during charging.Driver Attachment Assembly836-890-4Hexagon Head Bolt (M8 x 35) (12.9)946-930-0San Blade Holder Flange836-397-3988-835-0Adaptor 836-165-3Belleville Spring (25x12.2x0.9) 9 pcs.962-600-0Inner Snap Ring (25)979-018-0Casing836-175-4Hexagon Nut (1-M8)960-050-0Thrust Needle Bearing (NTB 1024)SPECIFICATIONSModelApplicable Tool TypeTorque Capacity Range (Recommended Torque Capacity Range)AccuracyPower SourceEnvironmental ConditionDimensions(unit: mm)Weight(about)CodeAccessoriesUET-10CUA (115V)US-LT series Torque-Control Screwdriver Small-type Hand Torque Wrench0.1 - 10 Nm(0.15 - 10 Nm)±0.5% at rated outputBuilt-in Nickel Hydride BatteryOperation Temperature: 0 - 40℃ (No Dew)Humidity: 30 - 90% (No Dew)160 (W) × 190 (D) × 65 (H)2.3 kg83932Carrying Case909-418-0AC Adapter (115V)910-907-0AC Adapter (230V)910-908-0Hexagon Socket Bit (13 × 100) (5 Hex)918-129-0Hexagon Socket Bit (13 × 100) (6.35 Hex) 918-223-0UET-10CUE (230V)83942Driver Attachment Assembly836-890-4Hexagon Head Bolt (M8 × 20) (12.9) (For Hard Joint)946-928-0Plate Spring 25 × 12.2 × 1.5962-601-078POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGTESTERS & ACCESSORIES

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