New design with No springs helps to overcome challenges with conventional pulse tools and ensures the maximum performance of electric tool.Guide pins provided on one side of each driving blade are connected to the 180° decentered guide (groove) on the rear/front plate and oil inside the pulse unit and guide pins holds the driving blades. In addition, the driving blade is controlled on a regular track via decentered guide (groove) and guide pin. One impulse per rotation can be made by sealing the pulse unit per rotation.Pulse Counts until Pulse Maintenance increased 400%Output Peak Value increased by 35%Heat Generation during fastening decreased by 30% * Comparison with conventional pulse tool. Calculated under URYU test condition.It varies depending on the usage condition.Uryu original technologyOverwhelming Performance with powerful !Long LifeDurability improved by 400%!Newly Developed      Pulse UnitHigh Output Output increased by 35%!High-efficiencyMinimizes temperature increase!No need to warm up before use!Guide PinFront PlateRear PlateDriving BladeAnvilNew Auto-ReliefFront Plate Side1 Start₂ Before Pulsing₃ During Pulsing₄ Just after PulsingConventional Pulse Unit10,000,0008,000,0006,000,0004,000,0002,000,0000PHOENIX400%UP656055504540353025200102030405060708090100Conventional Pulse Unit14.4℃decreased61.5℃47.1℃PHOENIX Number of PulseTemperature (℃)(Number of Samples)PHOENIXConventional Pulse Unit35% improvedFeatures of      Pulse Unit (PAT.P)6POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGBOLT & NUT SETTERS

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