UDT-25Compact design for torque measurement and torque display sections gives hand-carry mobile. Power source is nickel hydride battery. Full recharging time is approx. 4-hours. 11-hour continuous operation is possible after full charging. *1Applicable to reversing torque as well. *2UDT-25 tester can be used to check the capacity of US-LT, US-LD, and hand torque wrench as well. Red color LED display gives you clear visual confirmation.Supreme accuracy of within ±0.5 % at the rated output.The RS232C port for data output is built in the UDT-25 tester. Data storage capacity: 250 data points.*1: Never use during charging.*2: Only forward rotation is available for Soft-Joint Attachment.UDT-25 is designed to check fastening torque and its number of pulses for the small models (e.g. UL30, 40 and UAT30D・40・50) with the torque capacity range 0.3 Nm-25 Nm. FEATURESSPECIFICATIONSModelApplicable Tool TypeTorque Capacity Range (Recommended Torque Capacity Range)Blow Capacity RangeAccuracyPower SourceEnvironmental ConditionDimensionsmm (about)Weight kg (about)CodeAccessoriesUDT-25A (115V)Pulse Wrench, Torque Control Screwdriver, Direct Drive Screwdriver, Angle Nutrunner, Hand Torque Wrench0.3 - 25 Nm(2 - 25 Nm)0 - 99blows (*)±0.5% at rated outputBuilt-in Nickel Hydride BatteryOperation Temperature: 10 - 40℃ (No Dew) Humidity: 20 - 80% (No Dew)190 (W) × 180 (D) × 59 (H)2.383062Carrying Case910-952-0AC Adapter (115V)910-950-0AC Adapter (230V)910-951-0Test Socket (3/8")830-520-6Hexagon Socket Bit (13 × 100)918-223-0UDT-25E (230V)83072Driver Adaptor919-700-0Soft Joint Attachment830-890-6Soft Joint Attachment830-890-7Hexagon Head Bolt (M8 × 20)946-928-0(*) On condition that blow measurements start when input torque exceeds 60% of peak torque. Operating Environment : (10-40˚C, no freeze) Humidity(20-80%), No DewSoft joint Attachments830-890-6 / For Pulse ToolsCasing(830-175-6)Gear Cage Spacer(408-483-0)Hexagon Head Bolt (M8 x 35) (12.9) (946-930-0)Adaptor Spacer(830-166-6)Adaptor(836-165-3)Spindle Nut (M8)(830-359-6)Belleville Spring25 x 12.2 x 1.5 8 pcs.(962-601-0)Inner Snap Ring IRTW-25(979-325-0)830-890-7 / For ScrewdriversGear Cage Spacer(408-483-0)Adaptor(836-165-3)Casing(836-175-4)Spindle Nut (M8)(830-359-6)Adaptor Spacer(830-166-6)Hexagon Head Bolt (M8 x 35) (12.9) (946-930-0)Belleville Spring25 x 12.2 x 0.9 9 pcs.(962-600-0)Inner Snap Ring IRTW-25(979-325-0)77POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGTESTERS & ACCESSORIES

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