CompressorYou can refer to the table 1 to find the theoretical consumption energy of compressor, which is created through the adiabatic compression, to compress 1m3/min (normal cubic meter per minute) of free air to the various pressure levels. It is highly recommended that you should make the consumption energy value greater than the actual value by taking into consideration the machine efficiency including friction loss caused by compressor. The consumption energy of compressor providing a pneumatic tool with 1m3/min (normal cubic meter per minute) of air at the gauge pressure 0.6MPa will be some 6.5kW or larger, if we consider the possible losses. The table 4 refers to the major compressor power, which is sorted by tool category and model number, to operate a tool based on the catalogue air consumption value.It takes long for a tool to complete a job at 0.4MPa as a compressor generates less power. On the other hand, it will not take long for a tool to do at 0.6MPa as a compressor generates more power. You should decide which helps you save cost, based on your various applications. The table 2 gives you an idea of coefficient of operation. The value to operate a number of tools simultaneously is smaller as there are an increasing number of tools in operation. The air consumption rate refers to the value in which a tool is used continuously for 1 minute. It is recommended, as shown in the table 3, that you should make the consumption energy value smaller than the actual value when you operate tools in the above-mentioned discontinuous operation and that you should make the consumption energy value larger than the actual value when you operate tools in the above-mentioned continuous condition. Q≧6.5 kW × (V×n + V×n + V×n ・・・) × K × S × αQ : Energy needed for compressor (kW)V : Air consumption per tool (m3/min (normal cubic meter per minute))n : Number of toolK : Coefficient of multiple tools in operation (table 2)S : Coefficient of tool usage (table 3) ① Continuous operation: 1.0 Tool model for this category: Grinder, Sander, and Percussion Tool ② Discontinuous operation: 0.5 Tool model for this category: Oil-pulse tool, Impact Wrench, and Screwdriverα : Loss caused by air leakage from connection between pipesTheoretical Consumption Energy of CompressorEnergy Needed for CompressorTable 1Gauge pressureSingle Stage Compression (Adiabatic Compression)Theoretical Consumption EnergyMachine Efficiency(15% Included)Various Losses(30% Included)MPakWkWkW0.32.843. 4CategoryTool ModelAir ConsumptionEnergy Needed for Compressorm3/min(kW)Oil-pulse ToolUAT600.352.28UL900.533.45Impact WrenchUW-6SLRK0.352.28UW-13SRK0.452.93ScrewdriverUS-3.5A0.201.02US-5W0.301.53GrinderUG-38N0.402.60USG-7S1.107.15DrillUD-60-290.503.25UD-80-120.654.23Percussion ToolSBH-1A0.150.98BRH-70.452.93Note: Value for tools except Screwdriver: 0.6MPa at gauge Value for Screwdriver: 0.4MPa at gauge.Table 2Number of ToolCoefficient of Multiple Tools in Operation1〜51.06〜100.811〜200.721〜300.631〜500.550〜1000.4Table 3OperationCoefficient of Tool UsageContinuous Operation1.0Discontinuous Operation0.574POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGPERCUSSION TOOLS

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