Firstly, follow your local safety regulations strictly on grinders and abrasives. Following are basically required.1. Before mounting to the Grinder, make sure that the Grinding Wheels or other Abrasives are of suitable size, shape, quality and strength to the rated speed (min-1) stamped on the name plate or tool housing.2. The Wheel Spindle speed should be regularly checked with a tachometer to make sure whether normal speed is maintained. The governed Grinders must be checked to be sure governor mechanism is functioning properly.3. Make sure before operation that the Abrasive Wheel should be mounted carefully and sufficiently with flanges and nuts of proper size and shape by use of the Spanners.4. All Grinding Wheels should be closely inspected before installation and use. If cracks, nicks, or chips are found, do not use the Wheel in question.5. Before installing a Grinding Wheel, after all Grinders repair and whenever the Grinder is issued for use, test run the Grinder by a competent person for one minute under a protected area.6. Pay attention so that the speed of Grinder does not exceed its maximum speed specified. Do not increase air pressure for power-up. 7. Make sure to use wheel guard of suitable size and fix it properly when using Grinding Wheels of more than 50mm in diameter.8. Never exceed maximum speed of the Abrasive Wheel to avoid dangerous breakage. Fragments from the Wheel can cause serious injury or death. Do not operate without wearing eye protector and gloves.9. Never use the side of grinding Wheel, when a Grinding Wheel is not intentionally designed for side use.WARNING FOR SAFETY USEABRASIVE TOOLS64POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGABRASIVE TOOLS

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