EXHAUSTDUST SUCTIONINTAKE Features of Dual Action Orbital Sander UP-15, UP-25DB/26DB, UP-25NB/26NBMovement of Single Point on Rubber PadDual action type (Dual rotation movement) adopted. As the whole surface of paper attached rubber pad is rotated in ellipse and true circle, smooth finish without sanding scratch is possible. Single action (eccentric movement only) is possible with optional pad set spindle screw (for UP-25DB/26DB, UP-25NB/26NB).(UP-25DB、UP-25NB 551-442-0)This is self-suction system making effective use of exhaust. No forced suction device is needed. Sanding dust is collected in the dust collection bag, through the dust collection hose.Self-Suction Type Dual Action Orbital Sander (UP-25NB/26NB)FEATURESDBCAEBacking Pad Assembly for UP-25/UP-26 SeriesNameDimensionPart NumberModelA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)EBacking Pad Assembly (5”)12431.520.511NPT1/4551-409-2UP-25DBBacking Pad Assembly (6”)149301911NPT1/4548-409-5UP-26DBBacking Pad Assembly (5”)1242816.511.5NPT1/4548-409-3UP-25NBBacking Pad Assembly (6”)149301911 NPT1/4548-409-5UP-26NBPad Set Spindle ScrewOffset of Motor Unit And Pad : 3mm(Without Pad Set Spindle Screw)(With Pad Set Spindle Screw)ADual ActionSingle ActionRange of MovementA : Single Point on Rubber PadO’ : Center of PadO : Center of Motor UnitRange of MovementO’AOO’OOO63POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGABRASIVE TOOLS

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