Polyurethane tubeF-1504(Part Number:935-350-0)Solenoid Valve Assembly(VP542)(Part Number:909-749-0)→Main PipingTM Tool Connection• UTM-1500(CN) & External Pressure Sensor Assembly*Please place the external pressure sensor assembly to a tool as close as possible.In use of the pulse number count, external pressure sensor assembly should be attached near a tool handle.• UTM-1500(RA-CN) & External Pressure Sensor Assembly*Same wiring as in the case of UTM-1500(CN) & External Pressure Sensor Assembly (left figure)• UTM-1500(PS)• UTM-1500(PS) or (CN) & Relay Box AssemblyNon Shut-off Tool• UTM-1500(CN)Solenoid valve is incorporated in the rack type, UTM-1500(RA-CN), so that you only need to connect a tool to controller.• UTM-1500(PS)Referring to the right layout, please connect the TM signal Hose(φ4) from a tool to the connector at the back of the controller.Connector Incorporated TypeUTM-1500(CN)TM Signal Air HoseHook up Sensor Cable to Connector at Controller’s backExternal Pressure Sensor Assembly(Part Number : 878-845-1)Pressure Sensor Cable Assembly(5m)(Part Number : 910-831-0)Pressure Sensor Cable Assembly(10m)(Part Number : 910-832-0)Connector incorporated,with-a-rack typeUTM-1500(RA-CN)Pressure Sensor Incorporated TypeUTM-1500(PS)Polyurethane tubeF-1504(Part Number:935-350-0)Hose Joint, orQuick exhaustAttach TM Signal air hose to coupler at the controller’s back.UTM-1500(CN) or (PS)Speed Controller AS100F-04(Part Number:909-449-0)Relay Box(Part Code:909-851-0)Polyurethane tubeF-1504(Part Number:935-350-0)Quick exhaustAQ240F-04-00(Part Number:909-442-0)Shut-off Tool• UBX-T(RF8) Series or BP-T(RF8) Series• UBX-T(Z) Series or BP-T(Z) SeriesUse UTM-1500.TW-800R-EXP orTW-800R-EXS issubstitute.Lighting pairing switchFastener countorHerutu-madereceiverTW-800RPowerSwitchTransmitReceiveTo UTM-1500 or PLCRelay output exclusive cable assemblyPower adaptorTransmitReceive45POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGBOLT & NUT SETTERS

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