CouplerCouplerCurl HosePolyurethane tubePolyurethane tubeToolControllerUTM-1500 SERIESFASTENING COUNTER WITH POKA-YOKEOPTIONUTM-1500 informs you of error by display and buzzer when all bolts are not tightened up firmly. This enables you to do "Pokayoke" for secure tightening.UTM-1500(CN): Connector Incorporated typeBy connecting the pressure sensor (external pressure sensor assembly) attached to a tool to the connector at the back of controller, the controller supplies the power and loads the analog signal.UTM-1500(PS): Pressure Sensor Incorporated typeBy connecting the TM signal hose from a tool to the coupler at the back of the controller, the pressure sensor incorporated in the controller converts the air pressure signal into the electric signal.UTM-1500(RA):Rack Type• Applicable to the pneumatic tools such as the oil pulse wrenches, impact wrenches etc. (Tool should be modified into the TM type because the controller basically detects the back pressure.)• Counting down the fastening number, error proofing by the display and buzzer.• Easy parameter setup the controller by front key switches followed to the front panel LCD. (It is possible to setup the parameters through a personal computer as well.) *TM convertible model : Various kinds of tools can be converted into TM type. Please ask your local URYU distributor for details.[FUNCTIONS]• Easy setup for the pressure values by the automatic setup future.• Up to 1500 tightening time and judging data points stored.• Each buzzer volume level of fastening recognition, panel and NOK operation adjustable.• Work select feature available for four different works with different numbers of fasteners.• By equipping the external input/output terminal block (free format), inter lock with the line is possible.• Parameters receivable/ transmittable, and wave data, memory data and the total numbers of fasteners receivable through PC.(Total numbers of pulse receivable in usage of the external pressure sensor assembly.)• Measurement and display of the fastening time possible for the shut off tools.• External pressure sensor assembly equipped for UTM-1500(CN) enables to count the pulse number so that the pulse number control becomes possible other than the fastening time control. (The pulse number cannot be detected sometimes depending on a tool or working conditions.)• Total maintenance determined the total numbers of fasteners or pulse possible. (external pressure sensor assembly needed.)FEATURES* TM convertible model : Various kinds of tools can be converted into TM type. Please ask your local URYU distributor for details. UTM-1500A is the 115V use, while UTM-1500E is the 230V use. ModelVoltage & FrequencyOperating ambient temperature & humidityDimensionsmm(in)WeightKg(lb)Code(A/E)UTM-1500A/E (PS)115V / 230V50Hz / 60Hz0 - 50 degree (no freeze)less 90%RH (no dewfall)200 × 210 × 100 (7 7/8 × 8 17/64 × 3 15/16)2.0 (4.47)82832/82842UTM-1500A/E (CN)2.0 (4.47)82892/82902UTM-1500A/E (RA-PS)115V / 230V50Hz / 60Hz0 - 50degree (no freeze)less 90%RH (no dewfall)280 × 220 × 420 (11 1/32 × 8 21/32 × 16 17/32)(c/w rack)6.4 (14.15)82862/82872UTM-1500A/E (RA-CN)6.4 (14.15)82932/82942Twin Spiral Hose AssemblyTwin Spiral Hose Assembly : Please ask your local URYU distributor for details.44POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGBOLT & NUT SETTERS

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