IMPACT WRENCHESThe optimal torque of bolt is based on the clamp force achieved. The clamp force applied to bolt should not exceed 70% of the proof load of bolt and the optimal torque applied to bolt should be as much as 60% of the proof load. See the following equation to calculate the optimal torque. Optimal Torque of BoltSocket Retaining MethodsPlease specify the type of Anvil when ordering.Double-Hammer mechanismPowerful & fast assembly for highest productivity with well-balanced hammer mechanism and less torque reaction to operator. Recommended for general high-volume assembly such as motor vehicles, appliances, machinery and so forth.Swing-Hammer mechanismPowerful & durable impacting mechanism with one piece Hammer-Hammer pin. Recommended to steel erection, refineries, mines, heavy motor vehicle industries and etc.(UW-140P, 220P, 251P, and 381 series)TORQUE CHARTTo avoid excess wear of the parts,the tightening time is recommended not to exceed 5 seconds.1S5S6barTorqueTORQUE CHART5bar4barSecondHammerHammer CageAnvilHammer CamHammerHammer CageAnvilO-RingSnap RingRetaining PinSpringO-RingPinO-RingSnap RingRetaining PinSpringO-RingPinO-RingSnap RingRetaining PinSpringO-RingPinModel name of Impact Wrenches6SH (pistol grip for 6mm bolt*)L (long anvil)K (light weight)6SSH (straight handle)R (rear exhaust)DK (driver type anvil・light weight)6CSH (angle head)6AS (45 degree angle head)ST (for stud bolt)P (pistol grip only for UW-140・220・381 series)UW-6SHLKExample*Exception: UW-140 series =14mm bolt, UW-220 series =22mm, UW-381 series=38mm, UW-401 series=40mm and UW-550 = 55 mmType "W" (W-Ring) (Only UW-61ERK series has a single ring type)Type "P" (Pin)Type "O" (O-Ring) T = k • D • N Torque = Coefficient of friction × Nominal Diameter × Clamp Force (Tension)Property Class4. (Nm)Proof Load (N)Torque (Nm)Proof Load (N)Torque (Nm)Proof Load (N)Torque (Nm)Proof Load (N)Torque (Nm)Proof Load (N)Torque (Nm)Proof Load (N)M30.615600.819100.922101.229201.741802.04880M41.427201.833402.038602.751004.072904.68520M52.944003.654004.162505.582308.0118009.413800M64.962306.176407.088409.31160013.61670015.919500M812.01140014.81390016.91610022.52120033.03040038.735500M1023.71800029.22200033.42550044.63370065.44810076.656300M1241.32610051.03200058.33710077.748900114.170000133.581800M1465.73560081.24370092.750600123.766700181.695500212.5112000M16102.548700126.659700144.769100192.991000283.4130000331.6152000M18141.059500174.273000199.184500273.7115000389.8159000456.2186000M20199.976000247.093100282.2108000388.1147000552.7203000646.8238000M22272.093900336.0115000384.0133000528.0182000751.9252000879.9294000M24345.7109000427.0134000488.0155000671.0212000955.72930001118.3342000M27505.6142000624.6174000713.8202000981.52750001397.93810001635.9445000M30686.7174000848.2213000969.42470001332.93370001898.44660002221.6544000M33934.42150001154.32640001319.23050001813.84160002583.45760003023.1673000The torque values listed are based on the clamp force (tension) applied to hexagon metric course thread bolt and coefficient of friction 0.2 (guidance only). Select the best tool for your application. 38POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGBOLT & NUT SETTERS38POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOG

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