UAT40UAT70UAT130UAT40SUAT70SReliable Torque Accuracy and Assured Shut-Off1 Check Valve (PAT.) senses with accuracy the small volume of high-pressure oil from the Relief Valve section during operation and shuts the tool off as soon as it has reached the target torque. Torque accuracy improved significantly.2 Reset Spring (PAT.) enables to shut off the tool accurately even when the air pressure is lowered to 0.35MPa. (Low Air Pressure Type)Improvement in Energy Efficiency and Maintenance Cost Reduction3Cross Section of Roller Blade As a measure of pulsing, Roller Blades (*2) (Driving Blade with Roller Pin) are adopted. They greatly reduce the friction inside the pulse unit during operation and power weight ratio has been improved by 50% or more (*3). Compared with our conventional oil-pulse tools, Roller Blades create less frictional wear of Driving Blade, which will reduce maintenance costs.(*2) Roller Blades are adopted to UAT, ULT and UXR series.(*3) Average value compared with our conventional oil-pulse tools.4 Cross Section of Sealing As a measure of sealing, a partition on the anvil and SU-Ring are adopted. The most significant problem of pulse unit is oil sealing because pulsing is repeated dozens of times per second with high pressure. Our study which is gathered over the years helped us to develop URYU’s original unique sealing SU-Ring (PAT.). As a result, it extends the maintenance interval by 60% or more (*1).(*1) Compared with our recommended maintenance interval for the conventional oil-pulse tools.Significant Load Reduction for Operators5 Soft-touch trigger mechanism (PAT.) which can reduce the load for trigger (valve lever) and the compact handgrip greatly reduce the burden for operator’s arms, hands and fingers during repeated fastening.UAT SERIES [SHUT OFF TYPE]OIL-PULSE TOOLSPNEUMATICUAT series with high fastening accuracy are at the top in Pneumatic Tools.Oil-Pulse Wrench with 3 advantages ; High Efficiency, High Accuracy and High Durability.FEATURESTM type (Fastening Check)With UTM-1500 Fastening Counter with Poka-Yoke (sold separately), fastening number and time control can be monitored.1 Significantly improved Torque Accuracy2Reliable even with lower air pressure supply6Ergonomics rubber grip and full-cover jacket4Advantage of unique sealing3 Advantage of Roller Blade5Adoption of Soft-touch trigger mechanismIn Consideration of Environment Aspect6 Taking the environment into consideration, the tool’s body is unpainted. Body Jacket (*) and Handle Cover are supplied as standard equipment to protect the work.*Body Jacket is made of oil-proof rubber.To use our product properly UAT series automatically shut off by detecting inner pressure which is proportionate to fastening torque. The inner pressure is decided by the inertia of rotating section (motor, pulse unit and socket) and working condition. Small models are especially affected by the inner pressure. Please pay careful attention to the selection of model, socket size and air pressure using. Please contact your nearest URYU distributor if it is difficult to determine the usage condition.30POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGBOLT & NUT SETTERS

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