• UEC-5500 can control max. 4 different transducerized tools simultaneously.• UEC-5500 can be used with various type of transducerized tools. Oil-Pulse Tools fitted with a brushless type Magnetostrictive Transducer. UAMC Series, UXR-MC Series Pneumatic Nutrunners fitted with a Strain-Gauged Transducer. UAN-RM Series• High Reliable Torque Control & Monitor.• Easy Programming with a Removable Key Pad. You can also upload the fastening programmes from PC.• Ethernet(TCP/IP) capable.[FUNCTIONS]• You can choose between Torque Control and Monitor. You can detect various errors and control the job with fastening counter.• You can see ‘ Torque wave Data’ on PC.• Makes setup or changeover of fastening torque and fastening number count for 8 different fastening applications.• Input/Output check and error messages can be checked from your PC screen or the front panel of UEC-5500 with buzzer sounding.• For Oil-Pulse Tools, tool maintenance can be determined by the total numbers of fasteners as well as total pulse numbers.• UEC-5500 memorizes max. 20,000 fastening data per spindle. By connecting to PC, you can download the stored data to your PC for statistical analysis of mean, σ, 3σ/ mean, CP, and CPK. You can also graph the statistical data.• By using Input / Output terminals UEC-5500 can be interlocked with the production line.* Key Pad (910-208-0) and Key Pad Cable (910-206-0) are optional items, so please purchase them separately.UEC SERIES (Multi Spindle Connection)SUPER “INTELEC” SYSTEM CONTROLLERMulti-function controller which can control 4-spindles simultaneously. UEC-5500 controls various error detections, the number of fasteners and pulse numbers for 4 different tools in one controller.UEC-5500FEATURESUsed withMagnetostrictive SensorPulse WrenchUAMC Series / UXR-MC SeriesStrain-Gauge SensorPneumatic NutrunnerUAN-RM Series24POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGBOLT & NUT SETTERS

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