UEC SERIES (Single Spindle Connection)SUPER “INTELEC” SYSTEM CONTROLLERThe Touch Panel type visualizes all fastening results.Cost-Effective LCD-Panel Available• You can choose between Torque Control/Monitoring. You can detect various fastening errors and control the job with fastening counter.• UEC-4800TPA/E(SD) Series can be used for 16 different fastening applications.• Front panel, PC display or buzzer will tell you Input/Output(terminal blocks & tool wiring) checks and errors.• UEC-4800TPA/E(SD) Series memorizes max. 4,550 fastening data(max. 1,900 fastening data when ID data is included). Standard deviations, Cp value, Cpk value can be analyzed instantly from the stored data within the controller. When you connect UEC-4800TPA/E(SD) Series to PC, you can graph the statistical data.• By using Input/Output terminals UEC-4800TPA/E(SD) Series can be interlocked with the production line.【Top Screen】【Wave form Screen】FEATURESFEATURESUEC-4800TP(SD) / UEC-4800TP(SD-ANGLE)UEC-4800(SD) / UEC-4800(SD-ANGLE)• LCD-Panel type is available for more cost effective.• Setting parameters can be put into the controller on the front panel as well as PC.[FUNCTIONS]• You can see Torque Wave data on PC connected to LCD-Panel type.*The other features and functions are the same from UEC-4800TPA/E(SD) and UEC-4800TPA/E(SD-ANGLE).• Ethernet(TCP/IP) capable.• You can see Torque Wave data on both front touch panel and PC.22POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGBOLT & NUT SETTERS

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