• URYU’s unique non-contact Magnetostrictive transducer incorporated.• The UDP tool is driven by commercial electricity. This helps you build an assembly line easily and adjust it flexibly to the layout change.• High Power and High efficiency adopted by IPM motor. (except for A100MC/A120MC)• Cooling fan is activated automatically when pulling the throttle trigger, which contributes to heat reduction and increase number of fastening.• The intelligence of UDP-MC tool stops operation immediately to protect the operator from the failure including overloaded operation, short circuit, and broken wire, which minimizes the possible influence over operator and shop floor.[FUNCTIONS]• Motor speed/current is programmable. ・ Motor current can be set in 4 steps ・ Motor rotational speed can be set in 100 min-1 increments(by the 2-step fastening, torque spike at bolt seating is inhibited, and make it possible to cover the wider torque range.)• The functions of various fastening error detections and fastener number count down assure your operations.• Makes setup or changeover of fastening torque and fastening number count.• Tool’s maintenance is possible by counting both total cycle numbers(how many fasteners) and/or total pulse numbers.• Input/Output check and error messages can be checked from your PC screen or the front panel of UECP Series with buzzer sounding.• Can set up and monitor various control values and setting values either on the front panel or on your PC screen.• Ethernet(TCP/IP) capable. Upload and receipt of the setting values, upload of the fastening result/waveform data through PC software.UDP-A700MCFEATURESUDP-MC SERIESSUPER “INTELEC” SYSTEM ELECTRIC OIL-PULSE TOOLSELECTRIC DRIVEExquisite Range of Torque.Fastening with high efficiency & high accuracy.New Function:Double hitting error detection function available. External start signal available for multi-purpose usage.UDP-A600LMC(TL)Top Load TypeUDP-A100MCUDP-A120MCUDP-A600LMCElectric Oil-Pulse Tool UDP-MC SeriesModelCapacity(Nominal Bolt Size)Torque RangeFreeSpeed(Approx.)OverallLength(about)Weight lessSocket or Bit(about)From Centerto Outside(about)Sq. DriveorHex. SizeCodemminNmft-lbsmin-1mminkglbmminmminStandardTLUDP-A600LMC, (TL) 5-6No.10-1/4 4-20 3.0-14.848002148 27/641.533.3729.51 5/329.53/80745207459UDP-A700MC, (TL) 8-125/16-1/210-50 7.4-37.048002429 33/641.783.9229.51 5/329.53/80733207339UDP-A100MC, (TL)10-123/8-1/245-10033.3-74.048002489 49/642.856.2734.51 23/6412.71/20738207389UDP-A120MC, (TL)10-123/8-1/255-12040.5-88.448002489 49/642.856.2734.51 23/6412.71/20740207409Model name with “TL” is top load type.*Torque Range is a guideline value. Please make tool selection appropriately in accordance with an actual application. 21POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGBOLT & NUT SETTERS

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