HubHost computerPC/ControllerPC for setupSequencer (PLC)Rear panelFront panelOutlet Power cablePC cableJoint Cable AssemblyLAN CableTool*2-Pin ConversionAdapter must be grounded.* Joint Cable Assembly is necessary to connect tool with controllerFor UDP-A600LMC・A700MC・A100MC 910-807-0: 5M / 910-808-0: 10M / 910-809-0: 15M / 910-810-0: 20MFor UDP-A120MC 910-567-0: 5M / 910-568-0: 10M / 910-569-0: 15M / 910-625-0: 20MUECP SERIESSUPER “INTELEC” SYSTEM CONTROLLERThe UECP series Controller becomes one unit combined driver unit to drive UDP-MC series electric oil pulse tools and multi-function controller of UEC-4810 to control a transducerized tool.UECP-4810UDP-A600LMC・A700MC・A100MC・A120MC SeriesUECP Series System LayoutUECP SERIES SPECIFICATIONSPOWER SUPPLYUECP-4810A: AC115V UECP-4810E: AC230VPOWER FREQUENCY50 / 60 HzNOISE PROTECTION1000V 1μS (accoding to noise simulator)INSULATION PROTECTIONDC500V over 10MΩAMBIENT TEMPERATURE0〜50℃ (non-freezing)AMBIENT HUMIDITY90% RH or less (no dew)WEIGHT11.30 kgDIMENSIONS265 (D) × 222 (W) × 200 (H)MAIN FUNCTIONSTorque control, Torque monitorFastener number countPARAMETER SETUPManual input on front LCD panelBy PC (with setup software)DISPLAYTorque resolution ±2048 (12 bit by A/D use)LCD typeLCD ( 20 letters × 4 lines ) Work number, Bolt count number, Tightening time and Pulse blow number1-digit Digital Display (DPM)Work number displayed4-digit Digital Display (DPM)Torque reading displayedLEDTotal Lamp (for Count Judgment) : OK (green) / NOK (red)Torque Lamp (for Torque Judgment) : LOW (yellow) / OK (green) / HIGH (red)INPUT TERMINAL SIGNALOperation Voltage/Current : DC24V / about 10mA6 terminals available (programmable) Note: Contact input necessary OUTPUT TERMINAL SIGNALContact Capacity : DC30V, 1A6 terminals available (programmable), VALVEOPTIONSetting PC Cable (Straight) Part Number : 910-219-0CODE (A/E)81862/8187220POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGBOLT & NUT SETTERS

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