URYU Electric control system series running with more precise control meets a scene requiring accurate and delicate control.Oil Pulse WrenchesElectric control systemSUPER "INTELEC" SERIES・Transmit and receive setting values・Receive and store fastening results・Receive and store waveform data・Receive and store statistical data・I / O check・ Programming is easy on front panel. You can also upload your program from PC. (The exclusive setup software is necessary)・ Counting a number of fastener and various error detection functions are equipped.・ Controller meets various work condition, maximum 16 different kinds works can be set. (maximum 8 different kinds works for UEC-5500) ・ A fastening number and a pulse number can be controlled.・ Fastening torque result and torque waveform can be shown.・ Standard deviations, Cp value, Cpk value can be analyzed instantly from the stored data within the controller and you can graph the statistical data. ・ Check of Input/Output and display of errors can be confirmed with beep sound and display on PC or Front panel of controller. (For touch panel type only)POINT2POINT1Function on setup software with PC.Control a tool easily by a controller.ToolControllerUDP-MCSERIES▶P.21UAAMCSERIES▶P.26UAMCSERIES▶P.28UXR-MCSERIES▶P.29UECP SERIES▶P.20●———UEC-4800(SD) SERIES▶P.22—●●●UEC-5500▶P.24——●●When the power turns on, self-checking function automatically runs as ROM→RAM→A/D→Filter Check→ZERO CAL Check and etc.・ When the dedicated setup software is installed to PC, setting parameters can be transmitted and received between controller and PC, fastening result/waveform data can be received from controller. ・ When a controller is connected with a host computer to control an assembly line, the controller receive a fastening instruction from the host computer and return the fastening result with the instruction to host computer. POINT3POINT4Self-checking functionEthernet (TCP/IP) capableBOLT & NUT SETTERS19POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOG

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