BP-T SERIES [ SHUT-OFF TYPE ]BATTERY DRIVEBATTERY OIL-PULSE TOOLSThe model name suffixing (D) is the Quick-change driver anvil type.On pulling the sleeve, insert or take off the bit.6.35mm9mmQuick-change driver anvil type• Squeeze trigger, and shut-off information LED will light red.• Switch off the trigger before automatic shut-off, and the LED will continue lighting red for 3 seconds and go out.• The LED lights green with 1 pulse buzzer sounding for automatic shut-off.(Note) Automatic shut-off by retry repairing incomplete job error will light LED by switching green and red together. FEATURESIncomplete Job Detection (TK) TypeLED with red lighting tells you incomplete job (premature trigger off)BP-T60D(TK)Specifications (Shut-off Type)ModelCapacity(Nominal Bolt Size)Torque RangeFreeSpeed(Approx.)Overall Lengthless Socket or Bit(Approx.)Weightless Socket or BitFrom Centerto Outside(Approx.)Sq. DriveorHex. SizeBattery Voltage (Capacity)Battery Model (Panasonic)Number of fastening per minute *Fastener quantity per full chargeCodemminNmft-lbsmin-1mminwith batterywith no batterymminmminkglbkglbBP-T40D(TK)5No. 104.5-83.3-5.933002078 5/321. 1/166.351/410.8V (2.0Ah)EYFB3211100010A82BP-T50D(TK)6-81/4-5/166.5-134.8-9.639002078 5/321. 1/166.351/410.8V (2.0Ah)EYFB32770010C82BP-T60D(TK)85/16 13-269.6-19.248002128 11/321.63.521.252.75271 1/166.351/414.4V (2.0Ah)EYFB41760010E82BP-T40(TK)5No. 104.5-83.3-5.933002048 1/321. 1/169.53/810.8V (2.0Ah)EYFB3211100010A92BP-T50(TK)6-81/4-5/16  7-155.1-11.139002048 1/321. 1/169.53/810.8V (2.0Ah)EYFB32770010C92BP-T60(TK)85/16 13-269.6-19.248002098 15/641.63.521.252.75271 1/169.53/814.4V (2.0Ah)EYFB41760010E92*Torque Range is a guideline value. Please make tool selection appropriately in accordance with an actual application. *Battery or Battery Charger is not included. Please use EY0L82 (Panasonic) for Battery Charger. *Calculated under URYU test condition. It varies depending on the usage condition.16POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGBOLT & NUT SETTERS

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