Best Performance Battery Tools equipped with Newly Developed        pulse, Auto-Relief and Torque & Angle SensorUBX-AF SERIESBATTERY OIL-PULSE TOOLSUBX-AF600ZUBX-AF700ZUBX-AF500Z• More powerful• Minimizes temperature increase• No need to warm up before use* For information on the Radio Law in your country, please contact your nearest URYU distributor.FEATUREPairing parameter is selectable from 3 types; 1. Manual Pairing by dip switches 2. Pairing through software3. Wireless pairing Fastening parameters are memorized in UCC-100Z coordinator. Quick tool change only by pairing!Upsized LED lamp enables operators to judge OK/NOK easily in any posture. New design with No springs helps to overcome challenges with conventional pulse tools.Newly designed Auto-Relief (PAT.P) is not affected by oil degradation. Low oil pressure inside the pulse unit reduces the pressure against sealing, which minimizes oil leakage.Improved DurabilitySpecifications ModelCapacity (Nominal Bolt Size)Torque RangeFreeSpeed(Approx.)Overall Lengthless Socket or Bit (Approx.)WeightlessSocket or BitFrom Centerto Outside(Approx.)Sq. Drive or Hex. SizeBatteryVoltage(Capacity)BatteryModel(Panasonic)Numberoffasteningperminute *Fastenerquantityper fullchargeCodemminNmft-lbsmin-1mminwith batterywith no batterymminmminkglbkglbUBX-AF500Z6-81/4-5/165.0-20.03.7-14.836002198 5/81.824.01 1.523.35 29.51 5/329.53/810.8V(2.0Ah)EYFB321144012A12UBX-AF600Z8-105/16-3/815.0-40.011.1-29.548002198 5/81.874.12 1.523.35 29.51 5/329.53/814.4V(2.0Ah)EYFB411032012A32UBX-AF700Z8-125/16-1/225.0-60.018.4-44.348002198 5/81.914.21 1.563.44 29.51 5/329.53/814.4V(2.0Ah)EYFB41932012A52*Torque Range is a guideline value. Please make tool selection appropriately in accordance with an actual application.*Battery or Battery Charger is not included. Please use EY0L82 (Panasonic) for Battery Charger.*Calculated under URYU test condition. It varies depending on the usage condition.BATTERY DRIVE12POWER TOOLS GENERAL CATALOGBOLT & NUT SETTERS

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